Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can You Creat Under Pressure!

I'm under a tight deadline right now and something amazing is happening - I am writing a huge volume of words and I actually like what I've written! I never saw myself as someone who works well under pressure, so this comes as a huge surprise. I always thought, particularly with my writing that working under a deadline would stifle my creativity. Not so. What about you? Do you prefer to write as you want, when you want? Or do you prefer nail-biting pressure?
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Macy O'Neal said...

I'm a deadline person. I thrive on deadlines -- but I can't impose them on myself. They have to be imposed by an outside entity. My best writing as always been when there was no choice and no opportunity for procastination, especially if there was something to win or lose -- even if it was just the title of winner or loser.