Sunday, April 3, 2011

Treading New Waters

I've been hearing so much about established authors trying out self-publishing that I decided to give it try. My friend Jax of Jaxadora Design made me this lovely cover.

So here goes:

Game of Smoke and Mirrors

When Jia Mason’s estranged husband turns up missing from their Florida vacation home, Jia is the prime suspect in his murder. Afraid she’s being railroaded by the police, she flees to New Hampshire in search of answers only to be arrested there.
Zack Sizemore is tasked with extraditing the beautiful fugitive until a blizzard strands them with nothing but their mutual attraction to keep them warm. When they stumble upon a deserted cabin, Jia sees her opportunity to charm Zack long enough for her to escape. What she doesn’t count on is falling for the handsome lawman. Or the danger that awaits them in the remote cabin.
Buy it HERE or HERE
What do you think of self-published books? Do you buy only authors you know? Does self-publishing a book affect how you feel about an author?