Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resolve to Read

With 2008 still in its diapers, I am concentrating on formulating my resolution strategies. Not the resolutions themselves - I did that in December. I am working on the implementation phase. Trying to figure out how exactly I will make my goals a reality.
Every goal has steps that take you toward it - ie: If your goal is to lose weight, those steps would be eat less, exercise more, etc.
My professional goal for this year is to be a better, more productive writer. The steps in my staircase? Read up on and take classes in self-editing, stop procrastinating by checking my email every hour, and the most fun step - READ MORE BOOKS. Now, being an author, you'd think I read plenty, but it's not enough. I read in bed before I go to sleep and more often than not, I start nodding off within an hour. So, no more half-asleep reading. As decadent as it seems, I am going to read during the day for a set period of time - every day. I exercise nearly every day. So why not exercise my brain a bit more. It's an investment in my career, after all. That's a step I will love.
So, what about you? What steps are you taking that are thoroughly enjoyable?

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