Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A second helping of Dreams & Desires

It is almost time for the release of the second volume of the Dreams & Desires anthology - where all proceeds go to a women's shelter. This year's line-up is fantastic!

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp. Jenna Bayley-Burke. Amanda Brice.
Shannon Canard. Sela Carsen. Rachelle Chase.
M.E. Ellis. Jenny Gardiner. Gemma Halliday.
Candace Havens. Zinnia Hope. Babe King. Susan Lyons.
Sarah Salway. Rhonda Stapleton. Bebe Thomas.
Emily Veinglory. Lois Winston. Shaunna Wolf

In conjunction with the February release of the charity anthology Dreams & Desires Vol.2 , Gemma Halliday is running an online Valentine’s Day Bachelor Auction, auctioning off a virtual date with one of 5 drooling hot romance cover models. All the proceeds from the auction go to help victims of domestic violence, so you can win a hot hunk for yourself while also supporting a great cause. Bidding is now open, so please feel free to come take a look at the man candy up for grabs!! http://www.gemmahalliday.com/contests


Kelley Nyrae said...

Thats great!

Dara said...

That's exciting - and a great cause.