Saturday, August 25, 2007

What makes a heroine really stand out?

I think we’ve all read the TSTL (too stupid to live) heroines. Oh geez, don’t get me started! None of us ever want to be accused of writing one! So, what makes your heroines memorable—in a good way?

First I’ll talk about some heroines I’ve read and loved.

Christine Feehan—Dark Fire. Tempest. she was a mechanic and I like heroines who don’t have a typical female job.

Lori Foster—Too Much Temptation. Grace. She was so on fire and ready for sex. I loved it! And I enjoyed that she wasn’t a raving beauty. She was plump, but sexy.

Erin McCarthy—The Pregnancy Test. Mandy. She was just freaking hilarious. I’ll never forget her character.

Jaid Black—One Dark Night. Nikki. I loved her secret desire to get involved in a D/s relationship. She was smart and resourceful and that made her character deep and engaging.

Now, onto a few female characters that I’ve written.

TessScandalous Behavior. coming to Secrets volume 25: Wicked Delights. She’s shy and introverted. Intelligent and vulnerable. And when she steps outside her own comfort zone to engage in some naughty office sex, I cheered her on.

Ava--Forbidden Fruit (also coming to Red Sage Publishing). Ava is a tomboy and doesn’t find herself particularly sexy. She’s more comfortable with animals than people. Her feisty attitude was so cool!

Now, which heroine do you love? It can be one of your own or by a favorite author...or both!


Kelley said...

Great topic, Anne. I loved Grace too. She's one of my favs. Loved her excitment about sex and her feirce loyalty to Noah. I'm feeling a re-read coming on.

Anne Rainey said...

and I can't believe I didn't mention Sherrilyn Kenyon's heroines. She's got quite a few that I loved. Bride from Night Play was one of them!

Jen said...

I love strong female characters. The little weak ones that glory in their "weakdom" get on my nerves. Like some of the heroes I like, sometimes I like the heroine to be a tortured soul. It gives you something to root for. You want her to have her HEA but you want her to work for it. To pull herself out of her past and become a strong woman.

Anne Rainey said...

Well said, Jen! I do like the heroine who's forced to overcome. Tempest in Dark Fire was that way. She was no pushover.

Also, I think sometimes there can also be a fine line btwn. a heroine being TOO independant. In other words, she's so independant, you're left wondering why she even needs a hero in her life. LOL So, a little bit 'needy' is a good thing, just not so much that you're rolling your eyes and groaning. :-)

Jessica Jerome said...

I agree with you on Erin McCarthy's heroine in The Pregnancy Test. That's one of my faves.

I also like Besty Taylor in MaryJanice Davidson's Undead series. She admits to not being the smartest cookie and being totally vain, but she's got a mouth on her that reminds me of myself (minus some of the swearing), and she's wildly independent. Besides, she loves shoes as much as I do.

Anne Rainey said...


I always love an author who goes against the grain. Linda Howard did this with her heroine Blair, which stars in To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous. She's comes off as a total airhead, but the more you get into her character you understand her better. Blair is a character you will either love or hate. Personally, I never laughed so freaking much in my life! :-)

Dara Edmondson said...

I like Mary Janice Davidson's heroines too. I'm reading Hello Gorgeous now - really like Caitlin. She kicks bunches of guy ass and does it all in high heels!

Paige Tyler said...

I love all of Kelley Armstrong's heroines mainly because they're all such strong female leads!

In my books, I love all of the heroines, but the feisty reporter Samantha Halliwell from Samantha and the Detective will always have a special place with me because she's my first!