Wednesday, August 1, 2007

On Again by Jenna Allen available NOW!
Phaze, HeatSheet, Force Series

When do you give up on love?

The hardest thing Kayla Bentley ever had to do was recognize her husband had checked out of their marriage and asking him for a divorce. She loves him, but would be apart than be forgotten.

How do you get back what you once had?

Paul Bentley couldn’t stand when his drug counselor wife would testify on behalf of addicts he’d arrested. The anger festered until he saw them on opposite sides of the same war. It’s not until he finds a way off the vice squad that he realizes there is a way for them to save their shattered marriage.


"Kay? I'm lonely."

"Better to be lonely alone." Her lip trembled and she prayed it didn't show in her voice.

"Yeah. Look, I know I agreed to leave you alone. I know there's no going back. You're better off without me dragging you down. But I was thinking, maybe I could come over? We could open a bottle of wine and try and talk again."

"You never dragged me down when you were here. It was losing you and having to see you still here that hurt." Her stomach twisted and she inched lower in the tub, letting the water soothe her wounds.

"I feel like I should take that hurt away, you know? I want to hold you and let you know none of it had anything to do with you. I didn't want any of it to touch you."

"I don't live in a bubble, Paul." She took a deep breath for courage. "You don't want to change. You just don't want to be lonely right now. And on again, off again is not good for either one of us."

"We haven't tried on again. Let me come over. I'll bring a bottle of your favorite wine and you can mess up my head. And then once I get it together we can mess up our bed. It's been way too long, Kayla."

"We can talk on the phone." Her eyes felt heavy, tears threatening. She wanted him, the old him, here in the worst way. But she didn't think she had it in her to tell him to leave again.

The phone clicked in her ear. She called his name a few times before giving up and setting the phone on the ground. She closed her eyes, trying not to think of him, but it was too late. His image loomed in her mind, teasing her.

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Dara Edmondson said...

Like the excerpt, Jenna. Sounds like a great conflict, too.