Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Romance Community

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Today I wanted to talk about the romance community in general. In the past couple years since I've discovered the wonderful world of romance novels I've noticed one thing: the romance community is filled with some pretty exceptional people! When I first started reading romances when I found an author I loved I contacted them through their website. Nine times out of ten I'd get a reply. And it wasn't your typical blah, blah, reply it was always very personal. Through some of these contacts I found message boards and yahoo groups and started to talk so much with some of these ladies that I now consider them friends. Two examples of authors I befriended before I ever wrote my first words are Lori Foster and Lucy Monroe. Both are terrific writers and phenomenal women. Lori supports so many causes from the troops, to battered women's shelters, to protection of animals. She and multiple other authors made a cook book called, The Write Ingredients where proceeds to go a very worthy cause. Next year 12 authors including Lori and Lucy are participating in an anthology where proceeds go to the battered women's shelter. Also every year Lori Foster and Dianne Castell host the Reader and Writer get together where this year over 4,000 dollars was raised for the battered women's shelter and 500 dollars for animal adoption. Lori and Dianne work so very hard to make the reader and writer get together a success. They're both very special women for all that they do and all the work that goes into the weekend.

Lucy Monroe has supported me so much while on my journey to become a published author. She's answered question, believed in my, and blogged my books when they were released. I don't know if she realizes how much faith she gave me in myself.

These are just a couple examples of the kindness I've seen within the romance community. I know there are tons more out there like them! All the readers and writes in the romance community that I've been lucky enough to meet either online or in person are truly caring, giving people. Their friendly, always willing to help out another person and they offer so much support when needed. I've been so lucky to meet some truly wonderful people within the romance community. I don't know if it stems from our love of romance, and happily ever afters. Maybe we carry those wonderful feelings we get from out books into our life's. Whatever the reason, I count myself very lucky to have found such a group of great people. Reader and writers alike.

What about you? Any special stories you want to share about readers or writers you've met? Any special causes you know certain authors support? What do you love the most about the romance community in general?


Dara Edmondson said...

The community is indeed terrific. Nancy Robards Thompson gave me loads of advice and encouraged me to attend my first RWA meeting. More recently, Debra Dixon has inspired me, as has Roxanne St. Claire.

Savannah Chase said...

I have met so many amazing friends in the community. I also have come across some pretty bad ones who were not nice at all. One even told me she won't talk to me because of what I write....

But overall I am blessed to have made such amazing friends and look forward to meeting more great people.

Veronica Arch said...

I agree. It's a wonderful, open and generous community. I especially love my Wicked Whispers sisters - Amelia June, Melissa Glisan and PG Forte. They've taught me a lot and are great fun to blog and chat with.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

I wrote this blog at midnight last night and forgot to mention my wonderful crit partners, Amy, Terra, and Raven. I don't know how I'd do it without them.

Also, Anne Rainey who I can always count on when I need support, someone to vent to, or anything else. You rock!

And Paige Tyler! We have the best chats and she's always willing to listen to me with a friendly ear.

I'm so lucky to have such great friends :)

Desirée Lee said...

As a newbie author, the romance community has been a huge boon to me this past year. I've received many good pieces of advice and a lot of support.


Paige Tyler said...

I so love it when an author eplies to my email, so now that I'm a writer, I always make sure to do the same.

One of the nicest authors I communicate with is Kerrelyn Sparks. She writes the Love at Stake Series of vampire romances, which are great, btw!

I know that I'm always thrilled to get letters from readers! They totally make my day!


Scarlett Wilde said...

I have to agree with you. I never found such a bunch of wonderful people until I dared to step into this world. I'd always kept what I do a secret but needed some advice, and even though I still have yet to be published, the other romance writers that I have spoken to have been nothing BUT helpful.

A great community indeed.

Shelli Stevens said...

Hmm. I harassed my dad's cousin who wrote regencies, when I started getting interested in writing.

Other than that I've often sought out local authors that I admire for advice. Like Jane Porter and Cherry Adair. Those two I really admire and look up to.

Stacy~ said...

I've had some wonderful times meeting some of my favorite authors - they are so friendly and funny and they love what they do, and they care about their fans. I love that. I know it's not like that everywhere in the genre (there is jealousy and cliques everywhere) but I've had nothing but positive experiences. I love writers who encourage and nurture new writers instead of looking at them as competition. They understand the more quality writing that's out there, the more impact it will have on the reading community, and in a good way.

Sophia Danu said...

I can't say enough about the romance community. I have made so many wonderful friends. Everyone has been willing to go out of their way to help me as a newbie. I had help setting up my website by the sweet Megan Rose. The ladies at the Romance Bistro have been so supportive and helpful with anything I ask. I am in awe of all of the talented authors I have met and I am so grateful for the reviewers and readers.

Tempest Knight said...

Back in the 90s when I first started networking with other romance novel readers, it was through a BBS. It was awesome! I met a lot of wonderful people. And when the bookstore went out of business and I couldn't get books, they all helped me. I'd send them the list of books I wanted, then the money, and they would buy them for me and send them to me. One that really helped was Stella Cameron. Wonderful lady!