Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free Online Writing Workshop

Using Birth Order to Create Compelling Characters with Abby Gaines

"In this workshop, we’ll look at how birth order affects the adult personality of your characters—what strengths and weaknesses they’ll have. A youngest-son hero might have been a spoiled brat when he was a kid, but now he’s charming, people-oriented, and he has a completely different set of problems from his domineering oldest brother. Then there’s the complex, secretive but extremely loyal middle child...."


Anonymous said...

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Berry said...

how birth order affects the adult personality? wow that is really interesting. I truly believe that online writing workshops are amazing i have take about 4 so far and im quarter way through my fifth i think they are extremely enriching and its always good to develop and grow as a writer/artist.

I cant imagine writers or artists that wouldn't take these workshops into consideration! and they are truly addicting too!

Thank you for this! too bad i missed it.

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