Monday, December 3, 2007

Tears on my Pillow

I have a confession – I'm a cry-a-holic. Not only do I tear up at sad movies, while reading touching novels, but I can’t keep my eyes from watering at weddings, school plays, even sappy TV commercials. I can’t read too many cards at the Hallmark store without destroying my eye makeup. It's become a bit of an embarrassment. My DH just rolls his eyes when we witness any show of emotion in public. He knows the waterworks are about to begin.
And it's not only the things that touch me. The sight of someone else crying – for whatever reason – will send me over the edge. I don't even have to know the cause of their display to follow suit. I've started avoiding the situations that'll make me cry. If I can't, I use waterproof mascara!
Believe it or not, although I can write a touching scene without fear of an emotional outpouring, I can’t reread or edit said scene. Yes – I know these are made up ficticious characters, products of my own imagination, yet they become so real to me – maybe more real to me than to a reader – that I can’t hold back the emotions.
It's become a handicap, really, this inability to control my tear ducts. I haven’t figured out if I'm really more emotional than most folks, or if I just wear my heart on my sleeve more – or rather, on my hanky. I've even gone so far as to try to distract myself from what's going on so I'm able to focus on not crying. Problem with that is, I feel cheated out of the emotional experience when all is said and done.
What about you? Can you keep your tears in check or are you the waterworks when you observe sad/happy/poignant moments? Are all the final pages of your romance novels stained with your tears?


Kelley Nyrae said...

I cry in movies. Even movies like Bambi. My hubby thinks I'm crazy too. One time we were watching Green Mile and he fell asleep. He woke up to me bawling my eyes out and was scared at first but it was just because of the movie.

Dara said...

We do stuff like that. DH totally doesn't get that.

Anonymous said...

Dara, I'm a huge cry baby... and now with the holidays and all those darn hallmark commercials, I always need to remember to carry kleenex. I also have a tendency to just be driving and all of a sudden, if I remember a sad moment, I get all teary eyed... It is a pain to be so sensitive sometimes... The good thing, I think I'm a bit more understanding than some.

Dara Edmondson said...

I carry a hanky in my purse at all times! I've used my towel at the gym to wipe my eyes as I watch TV during my workout! Other patrons probably think I'm some kind of nut;-)

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Oh, I HATE to cry. I have been known to send emails to author friends whose books make me sob...cussing them out. And now that I'm preggers? Oh forget it. I am a teardrop waiting to happen!

Dara said...

Oh, Jenna - You'd be bawling if you read my current release, The Kitten Club. I'd get one of those emails!