Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Nostalgia

Do the holidays bring out your romantic side? Make you want to curl up with your honey beside a roaring fire while Nat King Cole croons about making it a merry Christmas?

Well, being Jewish, that's never been me! But since DH is Christian, we do both Hanukkah and Christmas. Now that Hanukkah is over, we take down all the blue and white decor in favor of the green and red stuff.

Today was the day we bought the tree and pulled out the box full of ornaments. As the kids hung faded hand made photo frames and glass balls filled with ten-year-old popcorn on the tree, I found the whole experience was bringing out my nostalgic nature. I remember when my children came home from school with each ornament, when friends presented me with various trimmings that reminded them of me. It was a veritable trip down memory lane. And I realized that's what all those warm and fuzzy holiday books do to us. They try to spark some remembrance in each of us. I guess that's why we keep going back for more.

Are you a holiday romance lover? Do you watch those same five movies that tickle your nostalgia bone? Do you seek out holiday-themed novels? Or do you steer clear of the whole thing?

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