Wednesday, October 10, 2007

OMG its Thursday

I'm tellin ya, things have been crazy for me. I totally forgot that it was my day to blog so I don't have anything thats new, fun and exciting to talk about. I'm sitting here ready for bed trying to think about what to say so I decided to share an excerpt from my upcoming book, Getting Lucky with Luciano. In this scene the heroine, Kaylee is waiting in the restaurant for her two friends to come when Luciano approaches her. Kaylee has a small problem keeping it together when the object of her lust is around, lol. I hope you enjoy.

Kaylee watched as the hostess sat the elderly couple who just entered when suddenly she got the feeling. Luciano must be near by. Goose bumps spread across her already tingling skin. Her heart started beating double time.
She didn’t see Luciano yet, but knew he had to be close by. She heard him making rounds like he did every night, greeting his customers in that sexy, baritone voice.
Turning to the left, her hand slid across the table. Just as he approached her, Kaylee did what she always did when he was around, something stupid. As her water glass tipped over creating a small pool on her table, she fought the overwhelming urge to crawl under that same table and hide. He must think I’m the world’s biggest klutz!
“I’ll get that for you.” Luciano said as he cleaned the small amount of water with one hand and a napkin. “Luckily you drank most of it already.” His rich, smooth tone wrapped around her making her dizzy. Or maybe that was from the lack of oxygen getting to her brain. Something about being around this man severed all her control over her body. The only connection that never failed, the one to her raging hormones.
“Yeah, lucky me,” Kaylee mumbled as she ran her hand up her arm. The heat from his closeness snaked across her bare skin.
“Nico sent out another desert for you to try while you’re waiting for your friends.” Luciano set a plate with three pieces of chocolate cake on the table. They looked almost as yummy as Luciano himself.
Taking another quick glance towards Luciano, Kaylee tried to respond but couldn’t raise her eyes to look the man in the face. She was eye level with his crotch and couldn’t for the life of her turn away. He obviously packed a pretty big bulge beneath his black slacks. Damned if her tongue didn’t have a mind of its own and slowly lick her lips. Get a grip, girl. You’re staring at the man’s crotch. Look up. Come on, you can do it.
The view on the way up was just as dangerous as the one below his belt. Flat stomach, keep going, broad chest, you’re almost there, square jaw, knowing smile, and near black colored eyes, exhale breath, you made it. Wait, knowing smile? Damn, he knows I’m checking him out!
“Look good?” Luciano said his smile growing.
Kaylee couldn’t breath, much less speak, so she did what she did best when Luciano was around, she stared.
“The dessert,” he said. “Does it look good?”
Dessert? What dessert? “Yes. It looks wonderful.”
“I’ll be sure to tell Nico you said so. We’ll be out later with dinner.” He stood there, locking eyes with her, in the process, stopping the beat of her heart a few seconds longer, than turned and walked away. She’d need a big dose of Nico’s chocolate to jump start her heart.

Copyright: Kelley Nyrae


Dara Edmondson said...

Nice excerpt, Kelley. Sounds like it'll be a fun read.

Stacy~ said...

Oooh, it sounds really good Kel.