Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hands, arms and abs. OH MY!

A couple days ago I was talking to a friend who's boyfriend works with my husband. She was complaining about his hands and how rough and calloused they get from their work. She actually worked on his hands to scrub some of the callouses away. I started thinking about how much I love my husbands hands (get your mind out of the gutter) lol. Seriously though, I love a man with rough, strong working mans hands. The callouses don't bother me. In fact, I'd much rather have a callous handed hubby to a smooth handed one. It reminds me how hard he works physically for our family. It makes him feel strong and masculine to me. I never realized how much I loved manly hands until we started this conversation. When I think back to the hero's I've written about I talk about their hands a lot and they're always rough, calloused, man hands, lol. I think it's one of my favorite male body parts. Sexy, strong hands and forearms.

You can't see this guys hands very well but I love his forearms. They're strong and sexy looking.

After hands and forearms my favorite male body part has to be abs. I LOVE a nice, strong, toned abdominal muscles (what woman doesn't?).

Yowza! Look at those abs. That is some writing inspiration right there.

So, whats your favorite male body part?

If you're a writer, is there a specific body part that you enjoy writing about? Describing? Something your hero has to have? (Lets keep this fairly clean folks ;)


Stacy~ said...

Wow, the picture are...inspiring ;)

I agree with you Kelley, I love a man who works with his hands, and I think the callouses are kinda sexy because they do make him more masculine. I man with softer hands just isn't the same.

I like his butt LOL. But forearms, and biceps (with a sexy tattoo), and abs are all sexy too. A man in shape is sexy - not bodybuilder shape because that doesn't appeal to me, but if he works out or has a physical job, it shows in his body, and I love that.

~Heather said...

Love the pics! ;) I like strong hands too! I like your comment that it reminds you of how hard physically your hubby works for your family - I never really thought about it that way!

I also like biceps and abs - not huge, but enough to show that he is in shape.

Dax said...
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Anne Rainey said...

Strong, hard, rough hands. That does it for me every time. I love describing both hands and forearms in my scenes. I think that's why Blade Vaughn is my favorite hero. He works construction and he's so big and rough. Yum! What's not to love?

Plus strong forearms, means a guy's hands and fingers won't tire easily. *wink wink*

Kelley Nyrae said...

Stacy~ A good butt is always nice!

Heather- Glad you like the pics!

Anne- Don't want his hands to tire too easily!

Paige Tyler said...

Okay, I admit, I came for the pics! LOL! Which are totally yummylicious, btw!

I like all those yummy male parts, but I've totally got a thing for hands. Chests and abs, too!


Dara said...

Nice hotties! I love a man's shoulders and back through a T-shirt. Get's me going;-)

julia said...

I like a man's torso, and I especially like belts as a finishing accessory for men because I like the way it hugs their lower abs.

I'm very much a leg lady! My husband has great legs for someone who has no business having them (he's not into any form of sport) except for the walking he does.

Of course, the beautiful butt is my very favorite part. Strong butts are a huge turn-on for me!

Amy Ruttan said...

I like rough strong hands.

I like to describe the chest and the butt. I like to describe those two. WOOT, I think you inspired me again my dear. I think my absentee muse has perked up.

Much Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Gotta be the man's butt in a nice pair of jeans. Oh, adn yeah, the eyes.

Kim Watters

Denysé said...

Nice images! Hands, again. Nicely shaped, tapered, elegant and artistic hands. A man who uses his hands as a part of speech, like your average Italian, with graceful and articulate gestures, can he very mesmerizing.

Of course, if you're writing about a cowboy, you have to go with those lovely, work-worn hands, don't you? Unless he's a gambler, then you get back to the hands that can be almost a character aspect of him...

Intriguing topic, and nice replies!